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CULT and CULTURE with Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw

Cult and Culture is a podcast co-created by renowned musician and actor Justin Pearson and producer and musician Luke Henshaw. The show explores the DIY-driven, subversive world of art and culture, featuring a diverse array of guests from various subcultures. Pearson, known for his roles in bands like Dead Cross and The Locust, and Henshaw, who has collaborated with hip-hop legends and scored music for documentaries, bring their unique perspectives to the table. Justin and Luke are also in the bands Planet B and Satanic Planet together. The podcast, recorded at PengOne Studios in San Diego, offers frank, informal, and well-informed conversations with guests ranging from Grammy-winning musicians, to actors like John Waters, and to Black Panther Party members. The aim is to blur traditional guest-host lines and foster casual openness.

John Waters was one of the first people interviewed for the podcast- an icon of both cult and culture. Since then, guests have included a broad scope of musicians, producers, authors, and anyone passionate about what they do-- anyone from Grammy-winning musician Juan Alderete (Mars Volta, Racer X, creator of Pedals And Effects) to actor Michael Malarkey (Vampire Diaries, Project Bluebook), from San Diego Black Panther Party members to longtime partners Nicola and Adam in electro-punk band ADULT. or The Satanic Temple cofounder Lucien Greaves (who would go on to form Satanic Planet with Luke and Justin as a direct result of their podcast conversation). 

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