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MID-RIFF with Hilary B. Jones


Hosted by Hilary B. Jones, Mid-Riff features interviews with musicians, makers, and sellers from a variety of experiences and identities as well as tips to create awesome music spaces and workplaces. 

Music is a powerful tool for personal and political change. Unfortunately, cis women, trans, and gender-expansive folks have not always been well-represented at the mic (or guitar, bass, drums, keyboard… you get the idea!).

If you are a music gear manufacturer, retailer, or venue-owner who wants to learn how to make your customers’ and employees’ experiences better or a musician who wants to hear both hilarious and horrifying stories from folks like you, Mid-Riff can help.


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As a musician, former Girls Rock Camp director / guitar salesperson, and professor of gender studies and psychology, I am uniquely positioned to help you create an awesome, inclusive workplace through training, consulting, and high fives. Let’s do this!

Most people know me as the founder of RIOT RI (formerly Girls Rock! Rhode Island), which I led for over 10 years. Participants in our programming often discuss the “bubble” of this experience— how they feel supported enough to be creative and take risks in ways they don’t experience anywhere else in their lives. But, they should experience this feeling everywhere in their lives, especially their workplaces and schools, where they spend the majority of their waking hours. Employees, employers, and customers all benefit from a positive and inclusive space.

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