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Ruinous Presents: WHITTAKER

We all want to celebrate, restore, and responsibly manage our wilderness areas.  When Bobby Whittaker got off the road as a tour manager with REM and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, he did too and that’s exactly what happened. In this podcast, hear how Bobby Whittaker combined his tour managing skills and his love for the outdoor community to conquer the hearts and minds of a small Northwest town. 

Bobby Whittaker IS the Northwest. He’s perfectly half grunge and half outdoors. When a young Bobby wasn’t learning the rules of the road with rockers Mudhoney,  his alpinist/REI founding dad was showing him the rules of the woods in the Puget Sound. Hear the harrowing story of how he built a beautiful 25-mile trail on an otherwise unused rail corridor that benefits the community economically and brings them together. If you like Rock-N-Roll intuition and love the outdoors, let Bobby show you how dedication to community, hard work, and a little bit of punk rock attitude will build a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.


Building Community for Bobby Continues...

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